How Strong Are Composite Dental Fillings?

For strong, healthy teeth, you will want to eat a balanced diet, brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily, and keep up with six-month dental cleanings. However, if our dentist discovers dental caries due to decay, Dr. may suggest using a composite filling for minor tooth damage to restore the tooth to its natural… Read more »

Oral Health Care: Halloween Treatment Plans

The secret of Halloween happiness is all about finding the equilibrium between keeping your smile safe while still having a good time. You can still appreciate the treats and festivities of the Halloween season without assuring yourself of cavities or similar enamel damage. Always be sure to brush early and often and limit the consumption… Read more »

A Snore Guard Needs to Be Cleaned and Maintained Each Day

A snore guard is often necessary to mitigate symptoms from mild to moderate sleep apnea. Without some measure to address snoring and breathing interruption, you will be at increased risk of high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular complications. Fortunately, Dr. can help provide you with different styles and design of snore guard. The one that… Read more »

Tooth Brushing Secrets for a Healthy Smile

Have you reached the pinnacle of skills for brushing your teeth yet? Are you ready to name yourself a master of the art of oral health care? Do the slightest signs of plaque buildup face the full force of flawless flossing and brushing treatments from you? If so, be aware there is not end to… Read more »

Dental Sealants Can Protect Your Child’s Teeth

While people can readily see your front teeth, and they are easy to brush, your back teeth, known as your molars and premolars are the teeth that handle chewing the food. In order to do that, the chewing surfaces of your teeth are made up of grooves and ridges to make chewing easier. But these… Read more »

CEREC: What You Need to Know

At our dental office, we utilize CEREC technology to save you time and to provide quality dental restorations. CEREC is a system that allows dentists to design and create high-quality dental restorations in just one appointment. The restorations are completely metal free. CEREC, which was developed by Sirona, uses advanced technology to aid our dentist… Read more »

Oral Health Care Facts Blog: CEREC®

If you are interested in correcting your smile, think about what CEREC® technology can do for you. Through the use of porcelain crowns and fillings, your smile can be corrected and protected for many years to come. It’s never too late to consider what CEREC treatments can do for you, so let’s take a look!: –… Read more »

A Missing Dental Filling Could Cause Serious Complications

When a tooth suffers from a minor chip or small cavity, it can often be repaired with a standard dental filling. If you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene habits the natural bacteria in your mouth could start to weaken the bond between the dental filling and the surrounding tooth enamel. As time goes on,… Read more »

Making Your Dental Floss as Effective as Possible

Are you taking the time and effort to put extra emphasis on your everyday dental flossing routine? Make your dental floss as effective as possible. Here are some things you should know about flossing: – One preferred way to hold dental floss is to wrap each end around a finger on each hand, making sure… Read more »

Dental Veneers for Your Smile

Did you know dental veneers can make your smile appear flawless? Well, it’s true! Having dental veneers as a way to enhance your smile is extremely popular in today’s society. Here at in , , our team is proud to offer dental veneers as a way for you to have the smile you always dreamed… Read more »