A Loose Bridge Should Be Seen by a Dentist

A dental bridge is sometimes the preferred method for restoring a missing tooth. It is more permanent than a partial denture, but it also doesn’t require the oral surgery and prolonged timetable of a dental implant restoration. The dental bridge typically consists of an artificial tooth that is bonded to a pair of dental crowns…. Read more »

The Treatments Available for Tooth Sensitivity

If you’re a victim of tooth sensitivity, then you’re probably looking for a way to treat it. You’re not alone. Many people become annoyed and inconvenienced by tooth sensitivity, especially because it oftentimes makes eating and drinking hot and cold products painful. To help you with your tooth sensitivity, our dentist, Dr. , has suggestions… Read more »

Information About Gum Disease Treatments

  If you would wish to enhance your oral health, it is a good idea to start with oral health care examinations to improve the health of your teeth and gums. One particularly common yet severe oral ailment they can often arise is through a progressive disease known as gum disease. Gum disease occurs when… Read more »

Enjoy the New Year with Your New Smile Thanks to Dental Crowns

  Protecting your teeth is often a difficult task because they are so important for all the daily needs we require them. Our teeth are needed every day for chewing, eating, and can assist with speaking as well. In order to ensure your teeth remain in good standing, it is important to clean them daily,… Read more »

Tooth Hazards That Can Damage Your Smile

Nobody ever said protecting your smile would be easy, but there are simple tricks that you can use to ensure your smile is safe. Even if you love taking certain products or participating in certain activities, it is essential to always make sure that your oral health choices do not negatively affect your teeth and… Read more »

Oral Health Tips and Tricks on Halitosis Prevention

  Did you know that there is numerous cause of bad breath that doesn’t even originate in your mouth? Even though bad breath is often seen as something that is produced by the foods you eat, or bacteria in your mouth producing foul odors, the truth is that can be caused by numerous issues and… Read more »

Fun Dental Facts That Help You Know More About Your Smile

The more you know about your smile and oral health, the better. Now, learning about the teeth, gums, and mouth might seem a bit boring, which can lead to the failure to learn more. Today, our dentist, Dr. , would like to teach you more about your smile and oral health all while having a… Read more »

Maintain a Happy Smile with a Dental Bridge

Are you missing any teeth? Do you have any teeth that are scheduled for extraction that will soon need to be replaced? If so, consider dental bridges, also referred to as fixed partial dentures, to replace any missing teeth that you may have, with a durable and effective prosthetic. Numerous types of dental bridges exist,… Read more »

How Strong Are Composite Dental Fillings?

For strong, healthy teeth, you will want to eat a balanced diet, brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily, and keep up with six-month dental cleanings. However, if our dentist discovers dental caries due to decay, Dr. may suggest using a composite filling for minor tooth damage to restore the tooth to its natural… Read more »

Oral Health Care: Halloween Treatment Plans

The secret of Halloween happiness is all about finding the equilibrium between keeping your smile safe while still having a good time. You can still appreciate the treats and festivities of the Halloween season without assuring yourself of cavities or similar enamel damage. Always be sure to brush early and often and limit the consumption… Read more »