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Are you looking to boost your oral health? Do you need help in keeping your smile clean and fresh? If so, we have exciting news for you! Mouthwash comes in various kinds and to help you find your way through the sea of options at the store, our dental team has some information to share with you.

Our dentist, Dr. Ronald K. Rich in Sugar Land, Texas, cares about your oral health, which is why we are happy to share this list on mouthwash benefits and types:

-The elimination and prevention of gingivitis may be probable through the use of a mouthwash product. However, mouthwash should never be used in place of brushing or flossing routines.

-Mouthwash is a nonabrasive product that can be used after eating to clean out your mouth without causing dental abrasion.

-Due to risk factors associated with plaque buildup and debris in your mouth, mouthwash products are beneficial for your oral health care.

-To common varieties of mouthwash are cosmetic mouthwash and therapeutic mouthwash.

-Whereas cosmetic mouthwash is primarily used to freshen your breath, therapeutic mouthwash can treat the underlying conditions of several oral health risks, including gingivitis, plaque, cavities, and halitosis.

As you can see, mouthwash can provide a boost to your oral health and smile if used each day. If you have questions about your oral health or would like a dental checkup, please call us today at 281-980-2537 to make an appointment. Our team at the dental practice of with Ronald K. Rich, DDS, MAGD looks forward to your call.