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If you’re a victim of tooth sensitivity, then you’re probably looking for a way to treat it. You’re not alone. Many people become annoyed and inconvenienced by tooth sensitivity, especially because it oftentimes makes eating and drinking hot and cold products painful. To help you with your tooth sensitivity, our dentist, Dr. Ronald K. Rich, has suggestions on how to treat it. You can help your teeth and gums by doing the following things:

-Strengthen your tooth enamel (Fluoride can do that for you, so make sure to use fluoridated oral hygiene tools and receive a professional fluoride treatment regularly.)

-Keep up on oral hygiene (It’s important to brush twice a day, floss daily, rinse daily and visit your dentist every six months.)

-Talk to your dentist about a mouthguard (If your sensitivity is caused by teeth grinding, a mouthguard can help you.)

-Skip the whitening treatment (Sometimes whitening treatments, especially over-the-counter treatments cause or increase sensitivity.)

-Use desensitizing toothpaste (Desensitizing toothpaste is made to close the channels in the teeth that lead to the inner sensitive structures of the teeth.)

-Schedule an appointment with your dentist (This is recommended if these treatments do not help. It’s best to identify and treat the cause as soon as possible.)

Do you have any questions about how to treat tooth sensitivity in Sugar Land, Texas? If so, please contact our dental team at your earliest convenience. All you need to do is reach out to Ronald K. Rich, DDS, MAGD at 281-980-2537 and we will be more than happy to help you.