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Nobody ever said protecting your smile would be easy, but there are simple tricks that you can use to ensure your smile is safe. Even if you love taking certain products or participating in certain activities, it is essential to always make sure that your oral health choices do not negatively affect your teeth and gums. By practicing effective tooth hazard prevention, you can greatly reduce your risk for poor oral health. Here are a few tips to help you:

– Do not bite your nails, as it focuses the bite pressure on a specific area which can drastically increase your risk for chipped or cracked teeth. In addition, biting your nails can even lead to problems such as TMJ disorders.

– Do not chew on products such as pencils or pen caps, as they can easily damage your teeth and cause your teeth to chip or crack.

– Exercise caution when drinking coffee, as it can stain your teeth and lead to severe tooth discolorations. Fortunately, coffee stains can often be eradicated with teeth whitening treatments.

– Avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco, as they can stain teeth, lead to bad breath or eventually cause severe oral health problems such as tooth loss or cancer.

– Exercise caution when drinking certain products, including red wines and white wines, as they can both use acids in the substances to attack your tooth enamel. Furthermore, red wine and white wine also open up the risk of tooth stains and discolorations.

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