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Did you know that there is numerous cause of bad breath that doesn’t even originate in your mouth? Even though bad breath is often seen as something that is produced by the foods you eat, or bacteria in your mouth producing foul odors, the truth is that can be caused by numerous issues and ailments outside of the normal realm.

Were you aware that medications you’re taking can cause dry mouth and potentially produce bad breath as a side effect? It’s true and further lack of oral health care can also enhance this effect. In addition, poor oral hygiene habits that include a failure to brush and floss effectively each day can contribute to bad breath due to food debris and harmful acids lingering in your mouth.

Make sure your smile is receiving necessary treatment, it is important to check for any underlying conditions such as gum disease and toothaches, as these are known causes of bad breath. Furthermore, if you are participating in any unhealthy habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco, it can increase your risk for bad breath as well as contribute to a rise in numerous other oral ailments including tooth loss and cancer.

Enhancing your smile and eliminating bad breath sometimes consists of eliminating issues and irregularities that can befall your physical health. If you have any uncharacteristic problems such as respiratory tract infections, or liver and kidney abnormalities, it may be necessary to treat those first before your bad breath fully goes away.

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