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The more you know about your smile and oral health, the better. Now, learning about the teeth, gums, and mouth might seem a bit boring, which can lead to the failure to learn more. Today, our dentist, Dr. Ronald K. Rich, would like to teach you more about your smile and oral health all while having a little bit of fun. Our dentist is happy to do so by sharing some fun dental facts!

-The first toothbrush had bristles that were made from animal hairs, like from cows, hogs, horses, and badgers.

-It takes 43 muscles to frown while it only takes 17 muscles to smile.

-61 percent of adults are attracted to somebody by their smile alone.

-Kids miss 51 million school hours a year due to dental-related illnesses.

-The human tongue is as unique as a fingerprint. No two humans have the same tongue print.

-There are more bacteria in the mouth than there are people on the Earth.

-Dinosaurs grew teeth when one was lost or broken.

-Kids laugh roughly 400 times a day while the average adult laughs only 15 times a day.

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