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Are you missing any teeth? Do you have any teeth that are scheduled for extraction that will soon need to be replaced? If so, consider dental bridges, also referred to as fixed partial dentures, to replace any missing teeth that you may have, with a durable and effective prosthetic. Numerous types of dental bridges exist, including conventional dental bridges and resin bond adhesive bridges.

If you are looking to improve or repair any other oral health skills that tend to be hindered by lost or missing teeth, dental bridges can help to restore your smile once more. Dental bridges are uniquely attached to other nearby teeth and are inserted directly into the gap left behind by missing teeth. The bond is permanent and can drastically improve the look and function of your smile.

If you fail to replace missing teeth with a suitable replacement, the gap between teeth can become a hotbed for plaque and food debris. In addition, if you lack a full smile, it can destabilize your gums and lead to tooth slippage. Dental bridges help erase these ailments and make sure that your smile shines for many years to come.

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