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While people can readily see your front teeth, and they are easy to brush, your back teeth, known as your molars and premolars are the teeth that handle chewing the food. In order to do that, the chewing surfaces of your teeth are made up of grooves and ridges to make chewing easier. But these grooves and ridges also give plaque and bacteria more spaces to hide and accumulate.

To put a stop to this, your dentist can give your child a dental sealant on their back teeth. The sealant is a clear plastic coating that acts as a barrier between your teeth and the bacteria and plaque.

After the tooth has been cleaned, it will be rinsed and dried before being treated with a very mild acidic solution that will etch the surface of the tooth to help the sealant adhere to the tooth. A sealant can last many years, although it will still need to be checked during your regular dental visit. You will still need to brush and floss since sealants only protect the chewing surface of the tooth.

Ideally, dental sealants should be applied to a child’s teeth as soon as the molars and premolars erupt. Doing so will provide your child with the protection as soon as possible at a time in their life when they are entering their cavity-prone years. However, if an adult’s back teeth are in good condition, they may also benefit from dental sealants.

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