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Every year millions of Americans suffer from tooth sensitivity discomfort. This often comes in the form of a stinging sensation or other sense of discomfort when consuming hot, cold, sweet, or acidic things. While specially formulated tooth sensitivity toothpaste might help ease some of the discomfort, it can simply be masking the symptoms of a more serious problem.

Identifying the underlying cause will significantly help Dr. Ronald K. Rich develop an effective treatment plan at his Sugar Land, Texas clinic.

One of the most common culprits of tooth sensitivity is chronic enamel eroision. This can happen when poor oral hygiene allows the bacteria in your mouth to create a chronic acidic environment. Consuming acidic beverages can escalate the problem. In time this can form microscopic channels through the enamel to the sensitive dentin layer of the tooth.

Dr. Ronald K. Rich might recommend administering a fluoride treatment followed by the daily use of prescription fluoride supplements. This can help restore the mineral density of your tooth enamel and reduce your sensitivity symptoms.

Cavities on multiple teeth is also a common cause of sensitivity issues. If you procrastinate having them repaired at Dr. Ronald K. Rich’s clinic the sensitivity will persist. In time, it can even lead to tooth loss or a gum infection.

An untreated sinus infection could also be the culprit behind your tooth sensitivity problems. The pressure in the sinus cavities can apply unnatural pressure to the nerves of your upper teeth. This might require a prescription decongestant from your primary physician.

If you live in the Sugar Land, Texas area and you are struggling with tooth sensitivity, you should call 281-980-2537 to seek professional diagnosis and treatment with Dr. Ronald K. Rich.