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Over the course of time, oral hygiene issues and the excessive consumption of acidic foods and beverages can potentially erode the microscopic mineral crystals that give your tooth enamel its telltale strength. This can gradually start to foster tooth decay. In time, it can even create microscopic channels through the enamel, making your teeth sensitive to hot, cold, sweet, and acidic things.

One of the most effective methods for boosting the strength of your tooth enamel in the short term is to have a fluoride treatment administered at Ronald K. Rich, DDS, MAGD. With immediate concerns addressed, Dr. Ronald K. Rich might then recommend daily use prescription fluoride supplements.

There are a few different types of fluoride supplements, such as sublingual tabs, gels, mouth rinse or a concentrated fluoride toothpaste.

Prescription fluoride supplements that are meant to be ingested need to be taken as directed. If your dentist prescribes fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash, it’s best to apply them to your teeth right before going to sleep or at a time when you can avoid eating or drinking for at least an hour. This will allow the fluoride to deeply penetrate the microscopic areas of your tooth enamel.

If you have well water or concerns about the strength of your tooth enamel, you should call 281-980-2537 to schedule a dental checkup with a fluoride treatment in Sugar Land, Texas.