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Porcelain dental crowns can offer the perfect dental restoration treatment for your smile. They can not only restore a tooth’s durability and function, but can conceal its flaws and make your smile shine once more. If you are looking to enhance your smile with realistic alternatives to your natural teeth, our porcelain dental crowns are an easy choice to make. Ask yourself if you have any of these ailments:

– Are your teeth damaged so severely that various cosmetic services such as dental veneers cannot be used?

– Do you have any dental fillings that are fading due to too little tooth remaining?

– Does any dental service you may have had, such as dental bridges, dental implants, or root canals, need further fortification or concealment?

– Do you have any teeth that are severely worn or damaged?

– Do you have any abnormal teeth that you wish to shelter, such as misshapen, discolored, decayed, or stained teeth?

– Do you have any weak teeth that are splitting or breaking apart?

If you said yes to any of the previous questions, our porcelain dental crown can help you improve your oral health. To speak with Dr. Ronald K. Rich about your treatment options, please schedule a visit to our practice in Sugar Land, Texas, by calling 281-980-2537 today. Contact us, and restore your smile with all the benefits that dental crowns can provide!