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As you probably know, sugary foods and drinks can actually lead to tooth decay. Similarly you probably know that you can avoid this problem by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. Similarly, you may know that brushing and flossing correctly can help you keep these issues at bay. However, do you know when you should brush?

You should remember to wait about half an hour after you eat before you brush your teeth. You see, after you eat, your enamel can be weakened. If you decide to brush while your teeth are softened, you could actually damage your pearly whites. After half an hour, your enamel will harden again. It is especially important that you avoid brushing for thirty minutes after you eat sugary or acidic foods.

You may also know that it can be important for you to brush twice a day. Most people choose to brush morning and night, but should you brush before or after you eat? While either option is technically fine, many people would rather brush after they eat because toothpaste can affect the taste of food. Others worry that brushing before you eat will let food particles cause bad breath. You see, if you brush before you eat, you could simply use toothpaste with mild flavors. Eating an apple or chewing gum can cover your bad breath.

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